An intelligent multifunctional system

uBlue è un dispositivo intelligente e multifunzione che integra sistemi di controllo accessi, antintrusione, video sorveglianza e video citofonia.

uBlue è stato progettato per garantire una facile espandibilità del sistema grazie ad apposite interfacce per il controllo di dispositivi esterni.

La centrale permette il controllo di sistemi RFID e tastiere per la gestione degli accessi, delle autorizzazioni e delle aperture di porte , armadi e varchi.


uBlue is integrated with a CCTV module for the acquisition, storage, live view and playback of video streams, coming from IP cameras directly connected to the device via PoE interface.

uBlue has an integrated UPS system that guarantees service continuity and uptime for all devices connected to the system in the event of a power failure.

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The central unit, equipped with an embedded operating system, can be interfaced with the outside world through communication ports, 4G, WiFi, ethernet and a set of APIs for complete remote control of the device.

The uBlue device can interface externally using custom protocols and standard protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP.

uBlue uses a video door phone system to manage door phone knocks both locally and remotely.

Uses and functions

Technical features

32 sensor ports with programmable balance;
2 siren doors with programmable logic;

2 RS485 bus ports for 16 RFID devices/keypads;
8 ports spdt actuators dry contacts;
1 auxiliary power port;

4 separate talk-listen ports (2 external + 2 internal);

Integrated switch for connecting PoE cameras and integrated UPS system;
Possibility of recording on alarm circuit or continuously (h24)
Built-in 4 TB HDD for storing video streams;

Load Control Backup Battery;
Terminal port;
2 RTG/PSTN; phone ports
2 gigabit ethernet ports;
1 SATA port;
1 micro Sim port for LTE module;
Hardware Reset;
1 power port;
1 antenna port for LTE module;



All its features are accessible through a comfortable responsive web interface:

The device integrates and manages a series of services through the Hardware and FirmWare designed for the purpose.

It can be integrated with Client applications on Personal Computers and portable devices: smartphones, tablets and dedicated APPs.